New Doggie Drawings

Within the last few months I finished up 3 wonderful drawings of our faithful and loving companion, the dog! I love dogs, and I do hope to have one at my heels someday. I worked on three custom pieces over the last few months and all have been delivered satisfactorily with ooohs and aaahhhs.


Sadie, Dog portrait, custom drawing

Sadie, Custom Dog Drawing

Jamie, Dog portrait, pencil drawing

Jamie, Custom pencil drawing

Dog portrait, pencil drawing

Thomas, Custom dog pencil drawing

Three completed dog portraits done in pencil on Bristol board and all very unique and special pieces that were given with love and gratitude.

If you are interested in a pencil portrait done of your own favorite pet or animal, please feel free to contact me through my website :


About dlysons

With a passion for horses, I strive to always capture their beautiful power in my artwork. For as long as I can remember it seems I've had a pencil in hand in ready to realize my inspirations and visions on sketch paper. First and foremost I will always be an equine artist, but I do have a love for nature, wild animals, and domestic animals alike! My mom always said I should be a vet! As much as that may have appealed to me when I was young, instead I followed my wayward soul to wherever it led me, and finally I realize I never had to search in the first place. It was always there, waiting under the surface. I am an artist. Now into the future I will always seek to improve myself as an artist, and draw my passions. It is my hope that others will see the passion, the beauty and the spirit in my work and wish to have a piece of it in their home or place of business.
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